Morpheus, Dreamer, & Lucidity

 Morpheus - Miles TodlandDreamer - Miles TodlandLucidity  - Miles Todland

Morpheus, Dreamer, and Lucidity are a tryptic series of paintings all created live at “Dream Dance” a monthly gathering at Om Culture in Seattle, Washington by local artist and friend Miles Toland. Miles works with an eclectic set of themes gathered from the modern urban landscape all the way to deep spiritual traditions. The pieces seen here were done in a single night in a dramatic and active painting flourish drawing energy from the crowd at the event. These aren’t just static pieces though. Each is created to be reactive to the lighting. You can watch a video of their interactions with light by clicking on each piece above. The pieces above are Morpheus (9/28/2013), Dreamer (3/16/2013), and Lucidity (5/18/2013). Each is 36″ x 22″ of acrylic, aerosol and paint marker on panel. I am very pleased to have been able to acquire and then lend this tryptic set to Om Culture where they will be on display for the next year or so.

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  • Margi says:

    Lovely paintings. This post brought to mind something we have been using occasionally in the Conservation lab here at the Ransom Center. It uses web based image processing to reveal hidden content in artifacts, documents, manuscripts, and music. The project’s (Retroreveal) website, which might be of interest, is It was developed by Hal Erickson and University of Utah–“Retroactively revealing lost content in manuscripts, art, archaeology and architecture.” If you click on the “upload gallery” and then click on the very last image, #34 you can see how the process revealed where a long ago scholar put his reading glasses down to secure his place in a volume. Nifty.

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