Welcome to Common Observer

Common observers abound, but the uncommon observation is what intrigues. Welcome to Common Observer the new blog, online magazine, zine, aggregator, compendium of oddities, opinion platform, and all around host of raconteurs. It is surely going to be an evolution. This is where it begins.


Common Observer will be a place for science, philosophy, art, culture, and so much more. We will create and aggregate content on any topic which is compelling. Currently that we is just an I, The Astronomist, but I plan to add other editors and contributors as it all evolves. I have done the intense blogging thing before and it seems to me that having help is more than reasonable. I’d like to make a collaboration of Common Observers so if you have uncommon observations to make speak up over at @CommonObserver.


We must reason as if we are the most common observer

The name Common Observer has its origin from a few places. First off, we are all common observers. I think the phrase came into my consciousness when I was reading about observer selection effects in science. The idea is that all our observations are inherently biased by the mere fact of observation – only that which can be observed may be observed.  All evidence is gathered by those who are suitable observers and thus some observations are impossible and all observations are biased. It has been argued that we must reason as if we are the most common observer. That is you can’t reasonably claim your observations are unique if you want to extrapolate larger conclusions. And yet we maintain that each observation is unique. For a more detailed look into exactly this see the about Common Observer page.


An uncommon observation is something that challenges our human condition of common observation. A poem, a theorem, a dance, an equation, a painting, a story, a novel, or a theoretical truth may all be uncommon observations about the world we inhabit. Lets make uncommon observations that raise new questions.  Welcome to a place of uncommon observations.

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