Essential Sounds: Nicholas Jaar

Nicholas Jaar is a young Chilean-American producer and musician. He fuses together minimalist electronic (often near a dreamy 100 BPM), groovy guitar riffs, sparse vocals, blues, synthesizers, and so much more. It is a very modern but classic sound. Influences for Jaar span from the Chilean electronic  artist Ricardo Villalobos all the way to Erik Satie and Mulatu Astatke. Jaar’s newest project is Darkside with multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington. The track in the video above is Paper Trails which is the bridging middle point of the Darkside album Psychic that was just released. The Darkside sound is different, but understandable. What I really find essential in Jaar’s music are the slow break downs and build ups using jazz elements (like in Never Have I Ever) or the smart use of his vocals (like in Space Is Only Noise If You Can See).  Jaar makes music a journey, and indeed here is the two hour long Nicolas Jaar Essential Mix. It goes from odd auditory samples to lo-fi crumbling to symphonic arrangements to…

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