Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World

Wade Davis speaks eloquently on why ancient wisdom matters in our modern world and how experiencing a multitude of cultures adds to our understanding of what it means to be human,

Our world is only one of many. A chance to live amongst people who have not forgotten the old ways who still feel their past in the wind and touch it in stones polished by rain and taste it in the bitter leaves of plants and just to know in our hectic lives that in the amazon jaguar shamans still journey beyond the Milky Way or in the high arctic the myths of the Inuit elders still resonate with meaning or in the Himalaya the Buddhists still pursue the breath of the dharma is really to remember the central lesson of anthropology, that is the idea: that the world we are born does not exist in some absolute sense, but it just some model of reality. And the other peoples aren’t failed attempts at being us, by definition they are unique answers to the fundamental question, what does it meant to be human and alive?

Watch the whole thing…

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