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The Art on the Moon

There is one piece of art on the moon: One crisp March morning in 1969, artist Paul van Hoeydonck was visiting his Manhattan gallery when he stumbled into the middle of a startling conversation. Louise Tolliver Deutschman, the gallery’s director, was making an energetic pitch to Dick Waddell, the owner. “Why don’t we put a […]

Sunday Haiku

are the crows upset with us because we forgot the sky was theirs first   the task of the tides is to ebb and wax to best discover the shores   time flies is a crow in resurgence against tides of the universe Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities

Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities is a documentary series taking us through more than 3,000 years of spiraling history in Istanbul. This is a city which has been known by many names including Byzantium, Constantinople, and today of course as Istanbul. This modern name derives from the Greek phrase ‘meaning to the city’ because […]

Foraging Fungi

I recently went mushroom foraging. It was a curious and bountiful experience. These thoughts on foraging for fungi from Cal Flyn over at Aeon Magazine are worth considering… Every few feet, we stumbled across a new, unidentified species. What about this? I called, waving him over. An Amanita excelsa, do you think? We squinted at […]

The Jewel Box Sun

Sunday Haiku

bohemian bird brilliant in character waxes in cold sun   the coppiced woodland desolate in my childhood now home for waxwings   the sun whispers grow to coppiced trees that listen even in moonlight Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Galaxy Formation in the Cosmic Web

The research group I work with, the University of Washington N-body shop, has made a fantastic poster about how galaxies form in the cosmic web and how we use computer simulations to understand such a complex process. We made the poster as a form of outreach and in particular for students who may be interested […]

Seeking Transcendence in a Materialist World

Fausto Ribeiro at 3 Quarks Daily: Let us imagine for a moment the following story: a man is sitting at the edge of a cliff, marveling at the immensity below and all of its beauty – a resplendent lake, enormous mountains, a vast field covered with trees, maybe a small village with a few lovely […]

Cars by Color

A wonderful video of San Diego afternoon traffic, reorganized by car color (via Gizmodo, Vimeo)

Sunday Haiku

morning fog is lost to zephyrean beams of light a mountain stands still   have you heard the wind from a bird of prey tell the story of wings   are the crows upset with us because we forgot the sky was theirs first Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.