TwainBot: classical literature meets digital media

I’m excited to share with you all the public release of a new project I’ve been working on: Mock Twain! 


About a month ago I came up with the idea to tweet an entire book, and immediately using Twain as a source sprang to mind! It’s a simple enough idea, mixing a new-world digital medium with old-world art/content. Implementing it was also remarkably easy… and thus TwainBot was born! You can follow Mock Twain via Twitter:

Here is the executive summary:

  • TwainBot will tweet the entire text of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, running on python/tweepy
  • The “bot” (running on a RaspberryPi inside a hollowed out Mark Twain book) sends about 10 tweets a day, via python/tweepy
  • It will take about a year to tweet the entire book

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