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Sunday Haiku

the whole moon knots up when it tries to tell us a tiny truth we already know   we make our harvest of gravitational waves from the worm moon   see you tomorrow the moon says to the pale blue dot when gravity strains Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Pale Terraqueous Globes

Imagine the closest star beyond the Sun has a planet orbiting it about the size of Earth. Visualize what your sunset would look like on this distant planet. Perhaps there would be two stars at the center of this solar system. Your sunset would be breathtaking. You could even visualize what the Sun would look […]

Sunday Haiku

full snow moon carves space in the eye of a hurricane the sun’s tradition   the wind shakes the mountains water pulls up the sky’s roots wings hold the dryad   that time of day when the sun is at its weakest tries to act casual Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.