Welcome to Common Observer a blog about physics, science, art, and philosophy. We seek to make uncommon observations about common observations. That is we draw insights and lessons from everyday situations and questions. It seems that one implicit assumption in most observations is that we are the most common observer. Perhaps for good reason, you can’t claim your observations are unique if you want to extrapolate larger conclusions about the world. Indeed though, each observation a human makes is unique.


So we ask questions and seek answers, but in the end we are more concerned with asking questions rather than answering them. How does consciousness arise – is it fundamentally self-referential? What is truth – is all truth relative? Is math discovered or created – who is creating it? What is art? Where did we come from? Where are we going? An uncommon observation is something that challenges our human condition of common observation. A poem, a theorem, a dance, an equation, a painting, a story, a novel, or a theoretical truth may all be uncommon observations about the world we inhabit.


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