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Sunday Haiku

morning fog is lost to zephyrean beams of light a mountain stands still   have you heard the wind from a bird of prey tell the story of wings   are the crows upset with us because we forgot the sky was theirs first Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Sunday Haiku

if the crows are out it is not really raining at all cold and stark perhaps   solar rite divides long ice crystal nights into manageable sorrows   earth can not fathom how sun can yet waver with such constancy Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

A Clay Fired Duke

To terminate an illness of culture you could shatter a clay fired duke. Inside you would find a desperate character — Clay Duke.  The performance of Dayna Hanson’s The Clay Duke was as desperate as the character itself. This is art imitating life that makes watching the performance compelling.   In Panama City, Florida on December 14th 2010 at a school board meeting Clay […]

No Results Found

“No Results Found” This was the reply that Google gave me for a recent search.   How could this be?! Hasn’t everything been Google’d and written about by now? True, I wrapped my query in quotes, forcing the search engine to look for exact matches to the string. Maybe I forced too strong a constraint. […]

Sunday Haiku

leaves fall through still air gifting us the taste of truth with Earth’s rotation nature’s apprentice paints ice crystals on each blade of grass on long nights unhindered comet when time comes to be present crows will know the sky Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Essential Sounds: Nicholas Jaar

Nicholas Jaar is a young Chilean-American producer and musician. He fuses together minimalist electronic (often near a dreamy 100 BPM), groovy guitar riffs, sparse vocals, blues, synthesizers, and so much more. It is a very modern but classic sound. Influences for Jaar span from the Chilean electronic  artist Ricardo Villalobos all the way to Erik […]

Myth and Magic in the Artist’s Studio with José Luis Rodríguez Guerra

I recently visited the artist, painter, and sculptor José Luis Rodríguez Guerra in his studio to have a discussion and private viewing of his art. Our conversation went in many directions. Here is a crude selection of excerpts from our conversation and a glimpse at some of his art. I should say that the recorded […]

Sunday Haiku

how does it rain here asked the whale to the human who held their last breath   some people I know have slipped on leaves this winter cold wet dirty leaves   earth ran out of clouds foreign correspondents are reporting a smiling moon   Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Essential Sounds: Moondog

“The only one who knows this ounce of words is just a token is he who has a ton to tell that must remain unspoken.” Words from Moondog, “The Viking of 6th Avenue”, the enigmatic figure and blind composer. He was born as Louis Thomas Hardin in Kansas. At 16 he picked up a dynamite […]

The Dimensions of Art

In this posting (by yours truly) art becomes data, and then becomes art once again. Pictured above is the outline dimensions for more than 65,000 pieces of artwork held by the Tate Collection. Check out my article to see more details about this fascinating dataset. The Dimensions of Art (If We Assume)