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Exploration of World Happiness

I made an interactive visualization website of the state of global happiness including six factors – economic production, social support, life expectancy, freedom, absence of corruption, and generosity – that strongly contribute to making life evaluations higher. The source of data is the World Happiness Report; the happiness scores and rankings use data from the […]

A Humanist and Statistician on World Population

This documentary film, presented as an entertaining talk by Hans Rosling, features human stories and statistics on the changing demographics of the world’s population. One of the themes is how education and better health leads to slower population growth. There are some statistics here that should halt moral aspersions against populace places in the world. […]

Why does the myth of overpopulation persist?

I just published a controversial article over at 3 Quarks Daily. I ask why the myth of overpopulation persists. The idea that human population is growing out of control is in factual disagreement with the numbers that show the growth rate of humanity is now slowing. But of course, the subject is complicated and it […]

Motion Photography

The Saatchi Gallery thinks that gifs are worthy as art. This is of course something the internet always knew, but they call it motion photography and make it classy. The gallery held a contest to gather high quality work which you can see here and some of my favorites are below…


The cosmos series continues to be relevant and awesome. The latest episode is above and you can watch the rest of them all here.

Sunday Haiku

tattle in the sky ten days after the full moon the lion attacks   the universe sees you float outside the airlock gentle with love   the sky pours out who can say where it begins yet where it peels back Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Sunday Haiku

the whole moon knots up when it tries to tell us a tiny truth we already know   we make our harvest of gravitational waves from the worm moon   see you tomorrow the moon says to the pale blue dot when gravity strains Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

Sunday Haiku

full snow moon carves space in the eye of a hurricane the sun’s tradition   the wind shakes the mountains water pulls up the sky’s roots wings hold the dryad   that time of day when the sun is at its weakest tries to act casual Haiku contributed from Nite Rote.

The Balloon Highline

“I crossed, I crossed!” “How many seconds?” “3”

A Dream of Trees

A Dream of Trees by Mary Oliver There is a thing in me that dreamed of trees, A quiet house, some green and modest acres A little way from every troubling town, A little way from factories, schools, laments. I would have time, I thought, and time to spare, With only streams and birds for […]