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The Myth of Earthrise

Is the Earthrise image the begning of a modern myth? Perhaps explores Craig Chalquist where he writes that, “To tell a myth is to tell a culture’s dream about its inner workings and truths.”

PBS Newshour on Dark Matter

Dark matter in the news check it out.


Ancients: a time-lapse film of sunset to sunrise in the Atacama desert.

Length, Height, and Breadth

Imagine that reality is as strange as string theory predicts. String theory calls for ten perhaps eleven space-time dimensions where strings and membranes vibrate to generate the particles and ultimately all emergent phenomena of the natural world. The dynamics of such a universe quickly escapes our ability to describe it with ordinary language or to […]

The Voyagers

In 1977 NASA launched the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft on a journey through our solar system and beyond. These space craft carried with them golden records, literally records coated in gold, with recordings of clues to human culture. “The launching of this bottle into the cosmic ocean says something very hopeful about life […]

The Art on the Moon

There is one piece of art on the moon: One crisp March morning in 1969, artist Paul van Hoeydonck was visiting his Manhattan gallery when he stumbled into the middle of a startling conversation. Louise Tolliver Deutschman, the gallery’s director, was making an energetic pitch to Dick Waddell, the owner. “Why don’t we put a […]

The Jewel Box Sun

Galaxy Formation in the Cosmic Web

The research group I work with, the University of Washington N-body shop, has made a fantastic poster about how galaxies form in the cosmic web and how we use computer simulations to understand such a complex process. We made the poster as a form of outreach and in particular for students who may be interested […]

Order & Disorder

Every observable aspect of the physical universe is a container of information. Modern science is just now discovering the secrets of information and how as a fundamental part of the universe it can be used to release great power.

A Comet Unnoticed

Comets have long been portents of change. They challenge the rote repetition of our skies. An astute observer of the sky will perhaps have recently noticed a new object in the sky, a comet, present for the last few weeks (you would have had to look east just before sunrise near the star Spica). This was […]