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It is Time to Think About Dark Matter

The most commonly used noun in the English language is time. Yet time is nothing more than an idea. It is an intangible concept invoked to make sense of the world such that, ‚Äėeverything doesn’t happen at once,’ as Einstein said. The actual most common thing in the universe is dark matter. Dark matter purports […]


A trip through Yosemite National Park and the stars created by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill.


The cosmos series continues to be relevant and awesome. The latest episode is above and you can watch the rest of them all here.

Pale Terraqueous Globes

Imagine the closest star beyond the Sun has a planet orbiting it about the size of Earth. Visualize what your sunset would look like on this distant planet. Perhaps there would be two stars at the center of this solar system. Your sunset would be breathtaking. You could even visualize what the Sun would look […]


Ancients: a time-lapse film of sunset to sunrise in the Atacama desert.

The Jewel Box Sun

Galaxy Formation in the Cosmic Web

The research group I work with, the University of Washington N-body shop, has made a fantastic poster about how galaxies form in the cosmic web and how we use computer simulations to understand such a complex process. We made the poster as a form of outreach and in particular for students who may be interested […]

A Comet Unnoticed

Comets have long been portents of change. They challenge the rote repetition of our skies. An astute¬†observer of the sky will perhaps have recently noticed a new object in the sky, a comet, present for the last few weeks (you would have had to look east just before sunrise near the star Spica). This was […]

Fisheye Gamma Ray Photo

  A neat image came up on the fantastic Astronomy Picture of the Day that caught my eye. Here is a picture of the Milky Way as seen from Earth orbit… in gamma ray light! The image from the Fermi Space Telescope is of course in false-color, but is nonetheless striking!   What is so […]

Comet ISON in the Sky

There is a new object in the sky. Comet ISON is an icy wanderer making its first and probably last last trip into the solar system from its previous home in the Oort cloud. It will graze by the Sun brilliantly and then depart. As it approaches the inner solar system, it is now inside […]