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Did you know that amphibians across the world are threatened? The fungus chytrid is responsible for the dramatic population decline or even extinction of amphibian species across the world. This plague continues to spread across the world and as amphibians are a vital part of many ecosystems the results are yet unknown. Indulge your curiosity […]

If You Are Against Nuclear Power

This post was written and published first at 3 Quarks Daily. It is reproduced here with the addition of references.   When you are told what someone is against, ask them what they are for. If you against nuclear power, what kind of power are you for? Reasonable answers include coal, natural gas, biomass, wind, […]

The True Cost of Food

Honest discussions about the future reveal daunting challenges. A reoccurring theme that everyone from the President of the United States of America, the pope, and occasionally even wall street bankers agree on is that the economic system we have in place often does not account for the true value of goods and services. This leads […]